Strong Earthquake of 7+ Magnitude Sahkes Lahore, Pakistan

EarthQuake Today strong earthquake was felt in Lahore. Around 2 O-clock I was having my lunch at canteen when I heard the other people recite Kalma Tayyaba. Then I looked around and saw people looking around in panic. The Lahore orange line train construction works are in progress on GT road nearby and one time earlier we felt earthquake like sensation due to digging operations. Therefore my first thought was perhaps it is due to those kind of activities. However the windows panes started vibrating more rapidly and the sensation remained well over a minute. As the magnitude increased, people rushed out at once, kicking the chairs in the process. I was sitting at far end, so waited for every one get out. The canteen staff remained calm and inside. As people were chatting the earthquake outside, canteen workers were having laugh on rapid flee of their clients. One waiter came out and jokingly said aloud, “Please come back, you can’t run away like that without paying the bills first.”

On way back to the office observed that most of the students and staff were standing outside the buildings. On reaching the  office saw our department head and colleagues waiting outside. Thanks to Almighty Allah no damage’s been observed over here. Hope and pray that every one else remains safe.

Learned form that it were 7.7 magnitude earthquake with center in HinduKush ranges, inside Afghaistan. So the exact time is reported to be 2015-10-26 09:09:32.9 UTC.

Some of the news sites that immediately reported the event:


Abu Bakar Siddique


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