Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal

I am late by a day in writing these lines. Yesterday was the birthday of Dr. Muhamad Iqbal, the first person to put forward the concept of Muslim independent nation within the Indian subcontinent. Dr. Iqbal along with Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah has always been credited as being the founder of Pakistan. His birth and death anniversaries used to be public holidays. I feel sad that the current ruling party led by Mian Muhammad Sharif has canceled the later anniversary this year. The same party canceled the birthday holiday in their earlier tenure from 1997 to 1999. Dr. Iqbal was a renowned scholar. He graduated from Germany’s Munch University. Being an active member of Muslim League he proposed the solution to the sectarian violence in the INDIAN SUBCONTINENT as the creation of separate countries for the two majority nations, the Muslims and the Hindus. Given the current miserable condition of miniority Muslims in Hindu majority India, his solution has once again shown to be the best one. With current government of BJP under Modi, reportely 17 mosques and several churches have been burned down be extremist Hindus. At several places Muslims have been killed by mobs after rumors that they ate cow, the goddess of Hindus. Several Indian writers have returned their awards in protest the increasing sectarian violence under Modi rule. Mr Modi was also behind the anti-Muslim riots in Gujrat during his tenure as Chief Minister of the province. He was banned by USA for visa for his anti-human role. Later he was given full protocol after being elected as prime minister.

Muhammad Abu Bakar Siddique

y meme10-Nov-2015


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