Soldiers of the Protection of Respect

Muslims have always been sacrificing their lives for the respect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him). Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) wants us to believe that Mumtaz Qadri killed Salman Taseer because of the Jihadi mindset developed under his Zia-Ul Haq dictator’s rule. I am compiling the list of all such soldiers of Islam. No doubt no period is empty from such heroes. Many performed the sacred missions before and after the creation of Pakistan. The bitter fact is that the people who have been active jihadists and are getting establishment support since Zia time did not support Mumtaz Qadri Shaheed.

Ghazi: Abdullah Ansari Shaheed

Blasphemer: Chakhchal Sing, former Noor Muhammad Jat Kahlon
From: Chak 24, choti, Khankah Dogran, Shaikhupura, Pakistan
Advocate: Malik Anwar
Incident Time: Between 1938 and 1942

Chakhchal Singh converted to Christianity and then Sikhism. He committed blasphemy in big processions organized by Sikhs. Ghazi Abdullah Ansari went to the Sikh village and killed him at a well. There were many Sikhs around but none dared to come near. After killing Ghazi Abdullah stayed until the police arrived and arrested him. No one recognized him in the area and he could have escaped by lying. He refused to do so and gladly accepted death sentence.

Ghazi: Hafiz Muhammad Siddique Shaheed

From: Ferozpur Cantt, India
Blasphemer: Pala Mal
From: Near tomb of Hazrat Buleh Shah in Qasoor
Advocates: Mian Abdul Aziz and Shaikh Khalid Latif Ghaba for defence, Khan
Incident Date: 17 septamber 1934

Kalandar Ali Khan as public prosecutor
Pala mal was a goldsmith and used to mock Muslims and the Islam. On 7-sep-1934 he used bad words with respect to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Blessings of Almighty Allah and peace be upon him) while the Muslims were in prayer.

Ghazi: Babu Miraj Din kamboh Shaheed

From: Androun Lahori Gate Lahore
Blasphemer: Major Hardial Singh
From: Lakhnaow cant
Incident Date: 1942

He was in army and performed sacrifice on Eid ul Adha along with his other companions. Major Hardial Singh mocked the Eid and desecrated the sacrifice meat. Ghazi Miraj Din stabbed and killed him. He was sentenced to death in court martial. The political situation was against the British at the time. To avoid unrest his sentence was changed to life sentence. He was freed after independence in 1947. Later he was shooted and martyred during the Tahreek-E-Tahafaze-Khatame-Nubuwat (Protection of Finality of Prophethood) by Pakistan army on 6 March 1952 at mall road Lahore.

Ghazi: Muhammad Hanif Qasab Shaheed

From: Bhopal, India
Blasphemer: Head Mistress Girls High School in Bhopal
From: Britania

An English head mistress desecrated the Holy Quran in name of the school cleanliness. She threw the holy papers in a dustbin by a cleaner. When Muslims agitated she used harsh words for the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him). Muhammad Hanif stopped her one day and asked for apology. She refused and he killed her. Ghazi Hanif embraced shahadat after “judicial” process.

Ghazi: Ghulam Muhammad Shaheed

From: Jehlum
Blasphemer: Upal Singh
From: Jehlum

During 12 Rabiul Awal Mawlud celebrations a Sikh uttered harsh words about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). Ghazi Ghulam Muhammad asked him to shut up. He did not comply and was killed by Ghazi. Ghazi accepted his deeds and embraced shahadat.

Ghazi: Haji Muhammad Manak Shaheed

From: Karondi, Faizganj, Khairpur, Sindh
Blasphemer: Abdul Haq Qadiany, False Prophet
From: Karondi, Faizabad, Khairpur, Sindh
Advocate: Syed Ghos Ali Shah

Abdul Haq was an influential Qadiani preacher and also claimed to be a prophet. He used harsh remarks with respect to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) before a scholar named Molana Lal Hussain Akhtar. He also used such remarks before Ghazi Haji Muhammad Manak while preaching him to convert to the Qadianiat. Ghazi Manak used fruit knife and cutoff his neck and severely damaged his face. Afterwards he surrendered himself in police station and narratted what he did. He was sentenced to 3 years of sentence under PPC-304.

Ghazi: Abdul Mannan

From: Barazai, Hazro, Attock
Blasphemer: Bhishoo
From: Nartopa, Hazroo, Campbellpur/Attock

Bhishoo was vegetables vendor who visited and mocked Muslim customers. Once while selling to a woman he used blasphemy words about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Ghazi Abdul Mannan was informed of this incident. He borrowed a knife from a friend of his and killed Bhishoo. Ghazi was sentenced with 7 years of imprisonment.


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