Junaid Jumshed


pakistan pk661
Junaid Jamshed airplane reckage

Junaid Jamshed (JJ) was a Pakistani singer who started his career in late 1980s. His song Dil Dil Pakistan became a national hit. JJ later became a member of Tableeghi Jamat and started preaching Wahabi/Deobandi teachings to his followers around the world. He died on 7 December 2016 when his plane(PK-661) crashed in Havelian. In 2014 an FIR was registered against him for blasphemy due to his video in which he uttered derogatory remarks and illiterate conclusion for the Mother of the Muslims Aisha Saddiqa (May Almighty Allah be pleased with her).  Sadly Pakistan government did not take any action against him. JJ made a video apology for his mistake, however. Later on he again used derogatory remarks for the second caliph of Islam Hazmat Umar ibne Khatab (May Almighty Allah be pleased with him) for which protests were recorded by Scholars of Sunni Islam.


In August 2015 he participated in Chand Sitara concert by Pepsi. The program was in contrast to Junaid’s claim as an Islamic preacher. He had obscene pictures and selfies  with his non-relative woman fans and former woman singer colleagues. He was in fact distorting the teachings of Islam. Sadly enough, he was to deliver Friday sermon in the mosque of Pakistan Parliament when his plane crashed.

PIA flight PK-661,nick named ‘The Gurdwara Glory’, crashed in mountainous area near Hari-Pur, Pakistan. Local villagers rushed to the site of crash and gathered the remains of deceased in their clothes. The bodies were unidentifiable. DNA tests were conducted for relatives to sort out remains. Junaid’s DNA test did not match his brother’s sample. Later his jaws were identified from his previous dental x-ray history. ‘Molana’ Tariq Jameel of Tableeghi Jamaal offered funeral on his Jaws, contrary to the teachings of Imam Abu Hanfia (May Almighty Allah be pleased with him). Tableeghi Jamat’s claim to follow Hanfi fiqah proved false as according to this fiqah Janaza can only be performed if major portion of the body is available.  Junaid was distorting the teachings of Islam and needlessly criticizing the pious companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him). He got punishment in this life. What happens in the hereafter for him, Allah knows the best.


Nick naming the plane as  ‘The Gurdwara Glory’ in the country obtained in the name of Islam is senseless action on part of state airline of Pakistan (PIA). Glory be to Allah Almighty only and not to infidels. They can live in a Muslim country in submission as taught by the Holy Quran and are not to be glorified.



It were poor villagers clothes that rapped the body remains of the rich Junaid.
Junaid was attacked on airport in 2016 due to his blasphemy. His secular friends mocked the attack with memos. Junaid ran expensive clothes chain by J. (Jay dot).

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