Remembering Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri Day, 4th January 2011

Mumtaz Qadri emptied his magazine on Salman Taseer for foul language against blasphemy laws. Here he is being dragged out of the scene

Ghazi-E-Millat Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain Qadri Shaheed killed the heretic and mischievous governor of Punjab Salman Taseer on 4th Jan 2011. The brave Ghazi performed a well-timed and quick action to finish the notorious blasphemer secured by two dozen elite commandoes. Ghazi Sahib one more time evoked the courageous recollections of Muslim heroes of past who boldly finished of the blasphemers and protected the respect of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him, with agility and fervidness of a true believer. In an era when dozens of TV channels and internet are corrupting the moral values of our Muslim youth, it was fresh breeze knowing that our young Muslims are ever ready to sacrifice their dearest possessions for the respect of the beloved Prophet, peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him.


Salman Taseer was a corrupt politician who used dark activities to gather wealth. This earned him close friedness with another corrupt leader Asif Ali Zardari, widower of Benzir Bhutto and former president of Pakistan. His last gamble was to roll back the Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, incorporated by legislative assembly after thousands of sacrifices offered by the nation in 1953 Tehreek Khatam-E-Nabuwwat. The laws trace back to 1927 when another Muslim youth, Ghazi Ilam ud Din Shaheed, killed a blasphemer Hindu publisher in Lahore and embraced shahadat at British gallows. Seeing the graveness of the law and order situation after blasphemy incidents, 295A was introduced during colonial era. The great barrister and founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, himself appeared in court in defense of Ghazi Ilam ud Din Shaheed on request of Dr. Allama Muhamad Iqbal, another great Islamic thinker and founder of Pakistan. Jinnah argued that Ghazi Ilam ud Din was innocent as the publisher had provoked his religious feelings by abusing his and all Muslim’s dearest personality, peace and countless blessings of Allah be upon him. After the creation of Pakistan, 295C was added specifically for the respect of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him. In greed of economic benefits and pats from European liberals, Salman Taseer thought 295C shortcut to earn that in quick time. Being a governor he had taken oath to protect the constitution of Pakistan but he instead started terming 295C a “black law”. At core, he was a failed politician who earned defeats to get elected to the constitutional assembly of Pakistan. He was appointed as governor of Punjab, mainly a showpiece designation. Chief minster owns administrator powers.

Salman Taseer’s choose of hitting blasphemy was well received and given out of proportions projection in media. He went even so far to term a Christian blasphemer woman Aasia Bibi as innocent despite the rulings of session court and Lahore high court for her being guilty. Salman held press conference in jail with her and announced she were innocent and would soon be pardoned by the president. There were protests in breadth and width of the country against this unjust stand and lawlessness. Blasphemy laws of Pakistan are routinely attacked by American and European lobbies and it is for that reason despite about 40 years of legislation, the convicts are secretly evacuated to Europeans countries, rendering all legal proceedings null and void. The so-called NGOs and foreign funding organizations are highly responsive and active for blasphemy convicts and provide all out support. It has come many a times in media that Asia bibi is being evacuated to France where a luxurious life style awaits her. The way Salman Rushdie, Tasleema Noreen and Ayan Herse Ali are being protected and respected in west for disrespecting our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him, these fears are not unplaced.

As far as Asia Bibi is concerned, she abused our beloved Prophet, peace and countless blessings of Almighty Allah be upon him , and his wife, the mother of all Muslim men, Hazrat Khadeeja, may Almighty Allah be pleased with her. Reportedly she drank water in a glass and her coworkers drank in the same glass after giving it a wash. This infuriated Asia and she abused. Later she accepted her crime and was accordingly punished by session court. Her review appeal in Lahore high court were rejected and now her appeal is with Supreme Court.

After the unjust and aggressive support shown by Salman Taseer and his family, protests erupted in the country. Salman Taseer did several programs on this issue. In one televised talk show he openly called blasphemy laws as black laws. Several attempts were made to register an FIR against Salman Taseer but Police wouldn’t listen. Ultimately this nuisance was finished by 27 bullets of Ghazi Mumtaz Hussain Qadri Shaheed. Though Ghazi sahib embraced Shahadat in Feb 2016, the event became catalyst to fast Islamization of Pakistan youth. Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah took the flag to complete the mission of Ghazi sahib , the mission of restoring Islam as main law of the land where social justice of Islam take cares of all. Shahzeb Jatoi and Ramon Devis are not exonerated, daughters like Aafia Siddiqui are respected and not sold out to Americans for money, children in Thar do not die of famine. We are hopeful that Islam will soon come and all corrupt leaders would have to answer for their crimes against humanity.


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